Mesh Ventures

Loopd (Acquired by eTouches)

Corporate event analytics


Parkifi (Acquired by Dish Network)

Real-time parking occupancy platform

Analytics, Infrastructure, Transportation

Lattis (Velo Labs)

Wireless solar-powered bike lock and bike-share platform

Analytics, Infrastructure, Transportation

Loop Labs (Notion)

All-in-one sensor for simplified home awareness

Analytics, Infrastructure, Property Management

Umbo CV

AI in commercial surveillance

Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Infrastructure, Property Management, Security


End-to-end connected e-bike solutions

Analytics, Transportation

Carbon Robotics

Bringing advanced robotics to the masses

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics


Biometric tokenization for secure password-less authentication

Infrastructure, Security


Real-time situational awareness platform for high-risk environments

Analytics, Infrastructure

Package Solutions

Apartment Package Management

Infrastructure, Property Management